Please read our terms and conditions

    Terms and Conditions

    Accept terms and conditions
    When you register at Öresunds Driving School you become a customer and user of our services and thereby accept these terms.

    Your personal information
    Your personal details are those you have chosen to provide to us and they are protected by PUL. All data is processed on a secure server managed by STR. Be sure to inform us if you change your address, telephone number and email to facilitate our contact with you.

    We apply prepayment. Payment should be done before usage. You can purchase the lessons individually or buy any of our packages. You can’t buy more than one starter kit per person. If you have run out of your package and need more lessons, you can book them in advance and pay before you start your first lesson. Payment can be made by card or cash in any office and bank transfer (see under price list). Regarding payments to one of our bank accounts, the name and social security number is given as payment reference for us to match your payment.

    We also offer preferential financing in collaboration with Resurs Bank where you can choose up to 24 months interest-free down payment. For unpaid lessons we will send an invoice. The Invoicing is handled in cooperation with Pay Solution which has the right to handle our payment requirements. A Payment fee will be added on, with individual exceptions.

    Regarding Risk1 and Risk2, payment must be made at least five working days before the booked date. Various conditions may occur in connection with promotions, price adjustments and other changes in our Terms of payments.

    Personal account through Student Central
    Your account on the student center is private and should only be used by you. You are responsible for protecting it. If any outsider log in and use your account Öresunds Driving School is not responsible for any damage that may have occurred with this. Öresunds Driving School reserves the right to close the account on any abuse of the service.

    If you are under 18, you must by law have your parent or guardian's consent to agree to our terms and conditions.

    :All purchases and payments as regular prices are valid for one year from date of purchase.

    Cancellation Policy
    :Cancellation of a driving lesson must be done before 12:00 on the working day before. Cancellation must be made in person at any of the offices, through phone or by email. Cancellations otherwise will not be accepted. Late cancellation will be charged at full price. If canceled due to illness, a medical certificate or equivalent is required for you to avoid payment. Caring for children is not considered a valid reason.Cancellation of Risk 1 and Risk 2 shall be made at least five working days before the booked time, before 12.00.

    Alcohol interlocks
    Öresunds Driving School use alcohol interlocks on the learning cars. This means that you, as a student of us implements a breath sample before a driving lesson and follows the alcohol and drug policy applied by the driving school. If the test gives a positive result (that you have traces of alcohol) the lesson will be cancelled and fully charged. The reasons being it’s against the law and we can’t book a new student.

    :The repayment of a purchased package we count all the lessons, Risk Education and theory package at full price and the amount that remains, we obtain as STRs (National Association of Swedish Traffic Schools) practice, 10% in administrative costs. Used products are not refundable. For more information, visit or get in touch with us at the Öresunds Driving School.

    Theoretical & Driving test
    The Theory test and driving test are done either as a private or through a driving school. Through Öresund Driving School the tests will be booked when you’re driving instructor thinks that you are sufficiently prepared for the test. Both the Theory test and the Driving exams are booked at the same time. The Theory test must be done first otherwise you will not take the driving test. Please note that times are controlled by the Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) and not by the driving school.As a private, you are responsible for your appointment. The driving instructor has the right to cancel/reschedule the exams if you don’t meet these requirements:

    • You must have all the theory phases approved
    • Traffic teacher thinks that you are ready for the test
    • All debts are paid off.