Risk Training 2 (halka) is the second part of the two compulsory risk trainings.

    Risk training 2 (skid/slip)

    It is a practical training on speed, safety and driving under specific conditions. To learn how to use the vehicle on slippery surfaces may try to drive in different conditions and speeds on a skid pad.

    In Risk 2, you get insight into the risks and common accident situations that can occur depending on the road conditions.You get experience how the vehicle is influenced by different speeds in slippery conditions.There are high demands on the driver when it comes to assessing different traffic situations and being able to maneuver the car safely.Risk 2, you complete at the end of your driving education and is booked by your driving instructor when he/she thinks that you are ready. Registration is binding.

    • Cancellation of Risk2 must be made no later than 5 working days before the booked date, otherwise will be charged full price.
    • Approved education is valid for 5 years.
    • You must show a valid ID at the training. Both Risk 1 and Risk 2 must be made before your theory test and driving exams!