Risk 1 is the first part of the now compulsory two-part risk training.

    Risk one

    It is a theoretical course of 3 hours about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, fatigue, and other factors and behaviors in traffic. We want to give the participants a greater understanding that each individual's decision is final and knowledge to take wise decisions in the future. You can do the course at Öresunds Driving School. We are an approved risk educator by Transportstyrelsen (the Swedish Transport agency).The purpose of this course is that students will become aware of the implications and risks and how these can be avoided.

    After Risk 1 the student will know about:

    • Drink driving, drug abuse and fatigue:
    • Extent.
    • Risks.
    • Consequences.
    • Effects on the body (long and short term).
    • Avoidance (both self and to exclude others).
    • The rules for drunk driving and fatigue in traffic.
    • Different groups of incidents (men-women, younger-older).
    • How passengers, cell phone chatter stress etc. affect you as a driver.
    • How behavior and attitudes affect traffic.

    Registration is binding and is made at the front desk. Cancellation of Risk 1 must take place no later than five working days before the course starts, otherwise you will be charged full price. Completed education is registered at Transportstyrelsen and is then valid for 5 years. You must show a valid ID. Both Risk 1 and Risk 2 must be made before your theory test and driving exam!