There are certain requirements for you to get a driver's license.


    There are certain requirements for you to get a driver's license. This is done because we want those on the roads to be traffic -trained and safety conscious people. In order to achieve this you are required to practice driving. You must first apply for a driving permit at Transportstyrelsen (the Swedish Transport Agency) that allows you to practice driving.

    After you have been granted a permit you have the right to practice driving from age 16. Here at Öresunds Driving School, we offer driving lessons for B in a convenient, secure and easy way. We train not only to get a license, but want the students to carry with them the knowledge in the future. We constantly striving zero vision in traffic and train our students to cope in traffic for life. You can choose between running the "normal" pace for the license and drive 2-3 lessons weekly or choose a more intensive training.

    To enable us to more easily assess and adapt your training, we recommend that you take a test lesson. This suits both beginners and more experienced students. This provides a rough assessment of how many driving lessons you need and preliminary cost assessment. The test lesson is kept for 80 minutes.

    To train driving privately is a great way to practice between the lessons at school. This can improve the efficiency of the training further. To be able for you to do that it requires that you and your supervisors pass an Introductory Course.

    We do our best to respond to your expectations and adapt to how you want to have it. Together, we can come up with a plan that works just for you!