In order to practice driving privately, both the student and the supervisor have to go an Introductory Course

    Introductory Course / Instructor Course

    Students must be 15 years and 9 months to get this training. The supervisor must be at least 24 years old and have held a driving license for driving license class B at least five of the last ten years. If the license was revoked at any time in the last three years, there is a risk that the supervisor is not approved. Since September 1, 2010 you and your supervisor do not have to go on the introductory training together. 

    Our Introductory course is to you as a supervisor to get advice and tips on how to effectively and educational way to teach your student to drive. The course is for both student and tutors and brings up how to reduce risk and how to make the private training more effective.

    We provide tips on how to set up a training plan, facilities, suitable training areas, good course material and which requirements Transportstyrelsen (the Swedish Transport Agency) have. You as supervisor also get an insight into traffic safety and environmentally friendly driving etc. The course is 3 hours long and after completion of the course the participant is reported digitally at Transportstyrelsen. Completed education is valid for 5 years.

    We regularly start new courses. One must identify themselves so bring your valid ID card.

    Cancellation of the course must be made latest 5 days before or else you will be charged full price. During the break we offer coffee, tea, drinks and cakes.