Get your AM-competence with us at Öresunds Trafikskola


    We offer training in AM competence which entitles you to drive a moped class I/ II, tractors and certain types of motorized equipment in no more than 45km/h. If you already have taken a license in any other driving license category you automatically receive AM competence.To be able to practice training you need a valid driving permit and you are not allowed to practice private driving. To apply for a driving permit, you must be 14 years and 9 months. The easiest way to apply via

    • Fill in the health declaration
    • Pay the fee to the Transport Agency
    • Check your eyes with an optician and send it in to theTransport Agency

    Besides a valid driving permit it's mandatory requirement of at least 8 hours of theory and 4 hours of driving instruction under the Transport Agency's syllabus for moped Class 1.Here at Öresunds Driving School, you get a rewarding and fun education that aims to make you a safe and skillful moped driver. In our price list you can find package deals on the AM license.

    Course structure


    We have 8 hours of theory where we go through all the different aspects of moped driving.The course is carried out in driving school.

    Enclosed driving

    Here the student drives within a fenced area, which includes going through manoeuvre the vehicle and safetychecks.

    Driving in traffic

    Here we want to ensure that the students behave in a proper and safe manner, and to develop the student's skills in traffic. We go through initial urban, city traffic and country roads.


    The theory exam will take place at the Swedish Transport Administration after all the training is completed. Note that before the exam you need to be 15 years old and that both the theoretical and driving bit must be preceded.