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Welcome to
Öresund driving school

You will find us in the center of Malmö and Eslöv. We offer training in both driving license category B and AM in our modern premises. With us you will receive professional help from our driving instructor to take or upgrade your driver's license in both manual and automatic transmission.

We keep high quality of our education and the training can be customized based on your specific conditions. Our driving instructors can train in multiple languages.

If you have dyslexia or learning difficulties, we can give you extra support with individual theory lessons, easy to read books and audio disc.

Vi tar kort, swish eller betalning via Resursbank


TISDAG 4/2 ESLÖV TID: 17:45 - 21.00 (fullbokad)
TISDAG 18/2 MALMÖ TID: 18:00 - 21.15
TISDAG 3/3 ESLÖV TID: 17.45 - 21.00


(Både handledare och elev måste anmälas)

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